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Fun token That You Earn for Free

In BiBank you can earn completely for free, learn, mint & buy NFTS or play games, yes completely for free and for everyone, there is no way to deposit a dime!

You can also enjoy the highest yield farm with static APY 255%, never goes down, never locked, 100% decentralized staking.

This project is for fun and profit its not a financial institution, its a game and should be treated as one, also we don’t accept any form of deposits you just earn and withdraw tokens, the token price depends on supply and demand.

BiGold Coin

Free earning for fun

Buy virtual shares

Become a virtual share holder simply by buying and holding BiGold coins.
Stake BiGold and earn 255% APY on your tokens and help secure our smart contract.

Get BiGold

Support other players like your self by skipping the mining and buying the tokens off the market, when you buy the token the price goes up helping your fellow players.


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News & Updates


BiGold Future and why you should play

Unlike other cryptocurrencies BiGold is free to obtain using the proof-of-human mining method and staking, no proof of work or electricity waste, BiGold will be in high demand once we launch the BiGold social platform. The BiGold Token is a brand-new and revolutionary digital asset that has the potential to revolutionize the financial industry. It is a cryptocurrency that is designed to be controlled by market demand and is versatile, secure, and stable. By controlling the supply of tokens in response to market demand, the BiGold Token is able to maintain its stability, which is one of its most important

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Why do we choose Binance BSC network for BiGold Token

Binance is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with over 15 million registered druggies and a diurnal trading volume that regularly exceeds$ 1 billion. The exchange has also made a name for itself in the world of crypto commemoratives, issuing several successful commemoratives that have come popular with dealers and investors likewise. One of Binance’s most successful commemoratives is Binance Coin( BNB), which was launched in 2017. BNB is a mileage commemorative that can be used to pay for sale freights on the Binance exchange, as well as for other services offered by Binance. Since its

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Good News: BiGold Liquidity Locked Forever

We have burned all our LP tokens of pancakeswap by sending it to null address on the following transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x83f39b42eda74ef6fd3c2eeb942818d20e0b7210edcdb8b386e114c8b8ad9317 This will increase investor trust as it is not possible now to withdraw liquidity from Pancakeswap. Instead of locking the liquidity for few years, we have locked it forever, and this is irreversible and good for all investors and should help increase  the price in the future. Happy mining

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Level up system is here

To help steady the price and economy in the future a level system was created by our team, you start from level 1 and you upgrade your way up to level 20. More levels coming the future with awesome rewards.

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3 Easy Steps to Earn for free!

Create a free account​

Create an account by filling up a simple form, no deposits, totally free, earn virtual tokens by only playing.

Earn for free every minute
  •  Use our mining by proofing you are a human.
  • Invite friends and earn 100 BiGold per friend.
  • Play games and earn for free!
Withdraw and Enjoy

Withdraw your coins, you can afterwords sell them or stake them for more profit.