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Decentralized Finance Hybrid Banking Plaform

In BiBank you can earn completely for free, learn, mint & buy NFTS or play games, yes completely for free and for everyone!

You can also enjoy the highest yield farm with static APY 255%, never goes down, never locked, 100% decentralized staking.

BiGold Coin

Security Investment Tokens

Buy shares in BiBank

Become a share holder simply by buying and holding BiGold coins.
Stake BiGold and earn 255% APY, your one stop passive income source.

Buy while cheap

Buy BiGold and enjoy reduced price as an early investor, you can also earn BiGold for free for inviting your friends or mining.


Registered users


Mined BiGold


Earned BNB

3 Easy Steps to Earn for free!

Create a free account​

Create an account by filling up a simple form.

Earn for free every minute
  •  Use our mining by proofing you are a human.
  • Invite friends and earn 100 BiGold per friend.
  • Play games and earn for free!
Withdraw and Enjoy

Withdraw your coins, you can afterwords sell them or stake them for more profit.

3 Easy Steps for Defi Passive income

Buy BiGold Coin​

Easily buy BiGold while its still cheap from any of the exchanges from the invest menu.

Stake in our smart contract​

Approve and deposit the coins into our staking smart contract.

Enjoy Profit​

Enjoy 255% APY auto compounding income, you can withdraw and sell anytime after 30 days of maturity.