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How to earn BiGold

Earn by mining #

BiGold is our official coin in BIBANK, it is a BEP20 token on the binance smart chain, you can earn BiGold free by mining it and simply proofing you are human by doing a captcha every once in a while.

You can register than head to the https://bibank.io/mining/ page and start mining away!

Earn by staking #

Buy and than stake BiGold from the top menu “INVEST” option, it is the easiest way to earn BiGold without doing any actions 100% passive income.

Earn by playing games #

Our free to play also play to earn games are available for everyone you can click play from the top menu after you login and play any of our games, some games like dice and blackbox require you to have some BiGold but no deposits, just the free BiGold you already earning. Games like PACMAN is require 0 BiGold and you can just earn 100% FREE.

Earn by referring friends and family or strangers on the web #

Refer anyone you want, invite friends, family, make videos on youtube and invite complete strangers it doesn’t matter, for each person you invite you earn BiGold.