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Stake using trust wallet

Direct support for trust wallet staking is not implemented yet, but you can do the following to use the same wallet on MetaMask for mobile or web browser.

To be able to stake BiGold kindly do the following:

  1. Get your private key from Trust wallet.
  2. Download and install MetaMask
  3. After creating a new wallet in Metamask go ahead and import your private key.
  4. Add the following contract to the trust wallet: 0xD3D6671D9bdAEee1a0659343005f7b49Ccf8fBb7 on the custom asset/token list.
  5. Now you are able to see your BiGold balance on trust wallet
  6. Go ahead and click invest > stake from our platform main menu.
  7. Approve the amount you want to stake.
  8. Create the new stake.

Now your coin are staked and earning profit every few seconds, you don’t need to do anything your coins are auto compounding, relax and enjoy 255% APY.