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Brief explanation of our plans and roadmap

Before you check our roadmap we should let you know that all of our plans might actually come before the dates listed below as beta products, the dates are only for the official releases or in other words deadline.

BiGold is a utility token and a security investment, which means its a stock in BIBANKK DAO, our experts and developers will keep developing products that makes use of BiGold without the need to third party which means our platform will be not only lucrative but also useful to humanity in general.

We promise to make everyone regret not investing or earning BiGold on its early days, but since you are reading this it means you are one of the first investors and community members to find our project before everyone else, welcome aboard and lets make a future together, and always remember, all of you is part of our team.

Platform & BiGold Launch

We have officially launched our platform and BiGold Token on Pancakeswap, poocoin and bogged.

You can earn, buy and stake BiGold and refer friends to earn more.


April 01, 2022

BiNFT Market Launch

Launch our NFT market place where anyone can mint and sell NFTS for BiGold by only paying transaction fees, also users would be able to buy NFTS using BiGold.

Our market supports images, videos, audio, animations and 3D models.


April 14, 2022


Each holder of 100 million or more BiGold will be eligible to vote on major changes and future updates and will gain access to VIP board.

All users no matter how much you are holding will be able to vote on approvals or denial of updates / burning / liquidity supply using a small defined amount of BiGold that will be burned.

July 01, 2022

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