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BiGold Investor Panel

Buy BiGold from the following exchanges:

First click here than buy any amount of BiGold while its still cheap.

BiGold Staking:

Enjoy 255% APY on any BiGold stake, all you need is connect your wallet, approve the amount and stake it.

  • Early withdraw before 30 days is subject to 4% penalty.
  • You need MetaMask connected to Binance Smart Chain to stake .
  • Use create stake button below, approve the amount than stake it, you need to sign 2 transactions to complete, sometimes you can’t stake the full amount, in that case you lower it by 1 or 2 coins.


Total balance in the contract invested by users.

Token Info

Staking Info

APY 255%
Penalization 4%
Maturity 30 days
Minimum BiGold 0.001


Stake amounts (BiGold)