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Accumulated BiGold earnings from referral program, games and faucet.
*You can earn BNB by playing blackbox.

How To Earn

You can use the earning menu to earn BiGold for free. we have the following options available for now:

Earnings History



You might need to add this address as a custom asset/token on Metamask/Trust wallet to be able to see tokens after withdrawal.


Gia Hoa914.000Mining
Thiet Hong Do923.000Mining
do gia747.000Mining
Le Trang My856.000Mining
Gia Huy968.000Mining
Maria Pirnau25.000Mining
Gia Chkhartishvili47.000Mining
Viorica Caraman15.000Mining
Sochipem Thumra100.000WIN IN BLACKBOX
Sochipem Thumra-100.000LOST IN BLACKBOX
Joy Olabisi Anyimah470.000Mining
Joy Olabisi Anyimah100.000WIN IN BLACKBOX
Ha Minh Anh183.000Mining
Phan Hung125.000Mining
Olowojoba Isaac20.000Mining
Krishna Devi131.000Mining
Viorica Caraman49.000Mining
Kulbhusan Kumargupta115.000Mining

News & Updates

BiGold Future and why you should play

Unlike other cryptocurrencies BiGold is free to obtain using the proof-of-human mining method and staking, no proof of work or electricity waste, BiGold will be in high demand once we...

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Good News: BiGold Liquidity Locked Forever

We have burned all our LP tokens of pancakeswap by sending it to null address on the following transaction: https://bscscan.com/tx/0x83f39b42eda74ef6fd3c2eeb942818d20e0b7210edcdb8b386e114c8b8ad9317 This will increase investor trust as it is not possible...

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Level up system is here

To help steady the price and economy in the future a level system was created by our team, you start from level 1 and you upgrade your way up to...

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NFTS Are here!

You can now mint NFTS on BiNFT market, just click NFT from the top menu, connect your MetaMask and start minting away, minting is free all you need is transaction...

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BIBANK NFT Market is launching soon, BiGold is the official currency for buying and selling NFTS, we are going to the moon! if you are interested in being an Artist...

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Mining Error Fixed

Some users had issues with mining not crediting, those issues have been fixed now, please clear your browser cache and cookies if you still have any issues. Happy mining

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Blackbox is back

Blackbox had some issue and is now fixed, sorry for the inconvenience, you can now play blackbox and earn BNB.

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